Training Options


Datalink offers multiple Crisisworks training options. You can use a combination of these to help maximise your training needs. For example watching the online training videos prior to a webinar or prior to a workshop will help reinforce skills and concepts.


Online Training

To save travel time and costs, the two online options available include watching training videos and participating in group webinars.


In Person Training

There are three type of in-person sessions provided by Datalink

  1. Simulation support package
  2. Shared regional sessions
  3. Full day workshops

Self-Training Videos

We recently released the first  set of training videos, you can read them via these links below:

There will be more videos added to cover

  • Recovery
  • Administration
  • Conceptual Overview

Online Webinars

With the introduction of the online videos, the demand for online webinar training has reduced, however, we still offer them to provide Q&A sessions and to elaborate where needed.

We do ask that users watch the training vide(s) prior to the webinar to help with learning and to make it more of an interactive Q&A session

Please register for a webinar via this link

If you can’t make the available session times, please contact us to arrange a suitable time.

Workshops & Simulation support

The most popular in-person training option is the simulation support package. This has been heavily discounted to encourage its uptake. It includes approx 3.5 hours of training in the morning, followed by an afternoon exercise or simulation run by the customer. The trainer assists to ensure a smooth session and to make sure new skills are applied. [Cost $2000 + GST + Travel costs (if applicable)]

The workshops are all day sessions run by Datalink to suit the customer’s needs which run from 9 am – 5 pm [Cost $3500 + GST + Flights (if applicable)]

Each year, Datalink also offer a series of free shared sessions in Melbourne and heavily discounted shared sessions in key regional centres, where a training venue and catering is provided by the session sponsor. Register at for 2017.

For updates about these sessions subscribe to our newsletter via your Crisisworks user profile, or contact us for details.